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The 10 Types Of People You CANNOT Help

10 types of people you cannot help

HARMONYIn my many years in business and interacting with people, I have come to realize that it is a fact that no matter how good you are and no matter how patient or good you are as a teacher or mentor, there are just some types of business prospects or types of people you simply cannot help.

Many business people waste their business resources and time in trying to cultivate prospects they just cannot help.

It is important to understand and identify the type of people or prospects you cannot help with your business so that you do not waste valuable resources in marketing to them or trying to mentor or help them improve themselves or their business..

The 10 types of people to avoid trying to coach, market or mentor at all costs include:

1. People who believe they do not have a problem- People who don’t believe they are sick will not take your medicine no matter how good it is. You may have the best product in the market or you may be the smartest cookie since sliced bread, it will not matter when you meet someone who believes he has no need. Even Jesus proclaimed that he has only come to save the lost and heal the sick. He left the Pharisees and Scribes alone because they believe they knew it all. I have learnt to be careful not to waste time with those who are not hungry for solutions. Only look for those who are looking. Somebody who is not hungry for extra income is not likely to be excited about going to try your ‘awesome’ business opportunity or proposal.

2. People who believe you are the problem- You cannot help somebody who believes you are the stumbling block to his progress. When people view you as the enemy to be vanquished, there is no idea you can sow into them that will germinate. Sometimes we waste time trying to get people who do not like us to consider our help or take business advice or opportunity from us. Someone who believed that you gave him a bad deal in the past is not likely to be excited about your current deal. Leave the dead lists behind and look for new territories to conquer. Focus on those who see you as the solution to their problem rather than those who see you as a problem in the marketplace.

3. People who believe they are smarter that you are – Do not be tempted to waste time on people who scoff at your efforts to achieve financial independence simply because they think they are better than you at what you are doing right now. People who think you are beneath them are not likely to listen to anything you have to say or sell. It is waste of your time to try and help or mentor somebody who thinks they should be helping or teaching you. Just move down the street or on to the next business prospect. Someone who considers himself a guru is not likely to run after a newbie. Leave him or her alone

4. People Who Will Not Take Responsibility For Their Own Future- No matter how smart you are, you are not the Messiah. You cannot help anybody who does not care enough about his own future. There is a reason addicts cannot be helped until they make a conscious decision that enough is enough. Often, we spend too much time and resources trying to force people to make progress when they obviously could care less. In the end we end up with heartbreak, insult and ingratitude. Your job as a loving mentor is to help those who are making the efforts but who just need some help. You are not called to love your neighbors more than they love themselves. I am talking about people who may need your help but cannot seem to find the time to meet with you. They cannot find the time to attend business training meetings or watch a 30 Mins training video. They expect you to adjust your schedule to fit their own schedule or people who would not sacrifice towards their own needs, yet require you to give them handouts.

5. People who cannot recognize the value of the Opportunity You Are Presenting – Even Jesus himself could not do much miracle in his own hometown for the simple reason that the people simply do not recognize his value. All they could see was a carpenter’s son. It was therefore pointless for him to continue trying to help the sick in that village. He moved away! Same thing with you. Don’t throw your pearls before swine who do not appreciate the value of pearls. Do not waste time trying to get people who do not believe you can offer them anything of value or who do not believe you have anything good to offer. You can only have an impact in helping people who celebrate you and not those who tolerate you!

6. People Who Refuse To Take Action Or Follow Your Instructions The only proof of genuine desire for financial breakthrough is action. When you have needy people who require your help but are unwilling to follow your instructions for helping them or who refuse to take decisive action, you will be wasting your time by spending time and energy with them. You cannot help them until they learn to follow your directions and take action. You cannot lead those who wont follow. Shepherds cannot corral goats. That is a job for goat herders. Shepherds only lead sheep that are willing to follow their direction. In your business, focus only on mentoring or training those who will follow your instructions to go to the next level

7. People Who Refuse To Reach Out For Help- There are many people who are too dumb, too proud or just too lazy to ask for help. When you try to force yourself into their lives, all you are going to get is resentment. Every seed of time, energy and resources poured into such a group of people cannot produce desired harvest. Blind Bartimaus could be helped by Jesus because he cried out for help. When he was told to keep quiet, he cried out all the more. His crying out for help was what qualified him for the attention and the miracle from Jesus. You cannot help people who do not know and too proud to ask for help. You will have to keep motivating them for the rest of your life.

8. People Who Are Not Willing To Work Hard For Results – There are far too many people who are still content chasing after every shinny dollar and who still believe that one can get rich overnight if only they could find that perfect product. As long as they still have that mentality, it will be a colossal waste of time for you to even try to help them. They are not ready for the systematic approach to success and it will be a waste of time to try until they come to the realization that hard must precede durable success.

9. People Who Want You To Make A Bigger Investment In Their Success Than They Are Willing To Make – Believe it or not, there are still people out there who believe that you should be more invested in their success than they are. I am talking about somebody who needs your help but wants it at his/her own convenience. They want you to meet with them or provide assistance at their own convenient time and not your own. These are people who expect you to do regular follow-up with them or chase them around just so you can help them. They are people who expect you to give them products cost you money for free. They are the kinds of protégés who expect you to spend time preparing training for them but are not willing to get up and show up at live trainings or webinars. These people cannot be helped as long as they still think you owe it to help them. The burden of pursuit is on the needy not the giver

10. People Who Have Given Up On Themselves And Their Situation- It took me a while to reconcile myself to the fact that you cannot help anyone who does not believe in himself. Motivation can only go so far but unless someone really wants to succeed, and is ready to do what it takes, you are wasting your time trying to help them. Many people have simply given up on themselves. They have bought into the ‘it is impossible’ mentality. The more you try to convince them, the more they give you excuses why your proposed plan to help them cannot work. They are not willing to take a leap of faith or try again after many failures. These kinds of people first need to go for serious mental and spiritual counseling before you can even make any headway with them. Don’t bother helping them in that state

Dr Ope Banwo is an Attorney, Motivational Speaker, Personal Internet Business Coach and Business Consultant. You can reach him at his blog or contact him through his internet business solutions company:

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