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Why Are Nigerian Leaders NOT Using The Internet To Solve Unemployment Problems In The Country?

Unemployed youths in Nigeria

..An Independence Day Challenge To Nigerian Leaders By Dr Ope Banwo

I remain convinced that, just as India took advantage of the I.T boom to engage and provide global opportunities for its citizens over 15 years ago, Nigeria can also use the present GLOBAL Explosion in INTERNET BUSINESS AND E-COMMERCE to provide solution for  unemployment in Nigeria and address the embarrassingly high rate of unemployment among our educated youths.

During the last boom in the dawn of the millenium the emphasis was on TECHNICAL SKILLS, but right now the emphasis is no longer in technical skills, but in providing ANY KIND of creative service to a global market.

In a country like Nigeria where more than 70% of our youths over 22 years of age have achieved higher levels of education all the way to University and Polytechnics, we are uniquely positioned to provide skilled and intelligent services to the WORLD as FREELANCERS and NETPRENUERS if only someone will systematically teach them and empower them.

It is a shame that our governments continue to ignore this golden opportunities while paying lip service to the idea of providing employment by engaging our youths as thugs and rabble rousers during campaigns under inane programs that have no long term employment potential for them.

Even when you offer to train their citizens for FREE, like i have submitted to at least 2 governments, the governments do not even bother to respond. As far as they are concerned constructing rural roads for people who have no cars is somehow more important than providing the skills to elevate the competence of the citizens to compete in the new global marketplace.

Yet, it is a fact that you can train ANYONE willing to learn how to make a DECENT monthly income online in less than 60 days at a cost of less than N50k PER PERSON.


It makes me mad on this independent anniversary that Nigerian leaders do not even seem to appreciate this opportunity to eradicate unemployment among our graduates, presented by the exploding commerce on the internet, by TRAINING AND EQUIPPING THEIR INTERESTED CITIZENS to become self-employed as Freelancers and Netprenuers where they can earn foreign exchange and employ themselves by providing simple services to the world online.

Yes, I agree that it is NOT everyone that is interested or even capable of learning internet use for business, but we do have MILLIONS OF YOUTHS WHO ARE READY AND WILLING to learn how to help themselves online and only need very little support to get going.

My last appearance on TVC Television last week, where i spoke for ONLY 12 minutes on internet possibilities, PROVED THE CASE that MANY of our youths are HUNGRY TO LEARN this thing as I have received over 300 calls PERSONALLY (not counting the ones i simply ignored or when i turned off my phone so i could work)

So, why can’t Nigerian leaders organize TRAINING WORKSHOPS AND INTERNET BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOPS for their citizens? Why is government not building or supporting sites like http://www.5kJobber.com that could be a gathering marketplace for the whole world to patronize Nigerian skills? Why are OUR Ministries of labour and employment in the states not organizing symposiums and seminars to EDUCATE their people about digital market alternatives to submitting applications in companies for non-existent jobs? Why are they not trying to show their small business owners that they can explode their sales by learning to leverage on the internet to sell to a global market? WHY? WHY? WHY?

These are the thoughts that have put me in a foul mood today on our nation’s anniversary!

Dr Ope Banwo,

Founder, American Internet Business School

Founder, www.5KJobber.com

President/CEO of Afrinet Business Solutions Inc.


Follow me on Twitter: @opebanwo; Linkedin: opebanwo and Facebook: opebanwoII

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