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Zimmerman Zingers [#6]: Success Leaves Clues!

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SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. WATCH AND LEARN TO RECOGNIZE THE CLUES LEFT BEHIND BY OTHERS WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR FIELD – Its really easy to find the path to success in whatever field or niche you choose. Afterall, others have been there before you who have left a track record of success for you follow. All you need do is pick up the clues they left behind and create your own success.

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Zimmerman Zinger #5: “Learn To Visualize Your Success And Train Your Mind To See It As Reality “–


This is a contnuation of a book review series on the masterpiece “THIS IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE” by Bryan Zimmerman, Co-Founder JVZoo (You can find the rest of the Zingers onmy blog:

zimmermanBryan Zimmerman believes “The mind is the most potent weapon for everyone to achieve success. Of course, you still have to do the work to achieve that vision but you will be doing the work knowing that success was a done deal.”

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ZIMMERMAN ZINGER #4 – Remove Yourself From ALL Negativity


zimmermanIn my 4th post in my ongoing serial review of Bryan Zimmerman’s masterpiece book, ‘THIS IS WHAT SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE’, I want to talk about a zinger in the book where talked about dealing with negativity on your way to success.

According to Bryan, to succeed, YOU MUST LEARN TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM ALL NEGATIVITY; ALL NEGATIVE SITUATIONS AND ALL NEGATIVE PEOPLE – Too often we allow people discourage us or derail us from our chosen path through vicious or ignorant negativity. People who don’t know anything often belittle the action taker with negativity and unfounded negative solicitation.

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The 10 Types Of People You CANNOT Help

10 types of people you cannot help

HARMONYIn my many years in business and interacting with people, I have come to realize that it is a fact that no matter how good you are and no matter how patient or good you are as a teacher or mentor, there are just some types of business prospects or types of people you simply cannot help.

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You Are Welcome!

Ope Banwo

Hi, Dr. Ope Banwo is here.

You are welcome to my official blog. I strongly believe it is the duty of everyone to maximize their God-Given Talents in any area or industry they are gifted or positioned to be of help to others. My personal mission is to apply my talents, skills and training to help as many people and businesses as possible to find solutions to their problems regardless of their industry.

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